Configuring L2TP on macOS

To set up VPN for the first time

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Go to the Network panelScreen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_10.08.14_AM.png
  3. Press the "+" button
  4. Set Interface to VPN
    Set VPN Type to L2TP over IPSec
  5. The Service Name can be anything, but should indicate what/where the service is - this is the name you will see in the list of network interfaces. Click Create when finished editing.
  6. Enter the server address and account name provided to youScreen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_10.07.15_AM.png
  7. Click Authentication SettingsScreen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_10.09.27_AM.png
  8. Enter the Password and the Shared Secret provided to you
  9. Click the checkbox to Show VPN status in menu bar and then click Apply.
  10. Click Connect to connect to VPN, or click the menu bar symbol Screen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_10.18.16_AM.png when outside System Preferences
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