How to Re-Initialize Faxing on Windows 7 (EOL) PC Fax Servers - Telus PS EMR Analogue Faxing

This article is designed to assist users with the steps needed to be taken to re-initializing analogue faxing services on Windows 7 PC Fax Servers. Should these steps not work or additional support is required, please submit a support request at


  1. From the Windows 7 PC Fax server itself, either by physically being at the PC or by using a remote tool such as CORD or Microsoft Remote Desktop, open the Telus PS EMR Application.
  2. Sign into PS using an administrative account such as 'Fax, User', 'PSS, User' or 'Practice Solutions User'.Screen_Shot_2020-02-12_at_11.46.30_AM.png
  3. On the top menu bar, select  ‘Settings’ > ‘Preferences’ > Enter Password.Screen_Shot_2020-02-12_at_11.48.25_AM.png
  4. From the left hand menu, select ‘Faxing’.
  5. Uncheck “This computer is capable of sending faxes”.
  6. Click on "Save Changes".Screen_Shot_2020-02-12_at_11.53.37_AM.png
  7. Repeat steps 3 & 4, this time ensure the check box is selected.
  8. Click on "Save Changes".
  9. Faxes should start sending within 15-30 seconds after saving.
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