Importing Password Protected Files (macOS)

This article is designed to assist users with importing password protected files from external media, such as CDs, DVDs and USBs. The goal is to save the source data from the media to your local macOS computer while removing password.


  1.  Insert the external media (CD/DVD/USB/etc.) into your Mac.
  2.  From your Desktop or Finder, select and open the newly appeared icon representing your external media.
  3.  Open the password protected file.
  4.  Enter the password to unlock the file.
  5.  From the top of your application's window, select "File" > "Save As".
  6. Chose a target location, new file name (if necessary), and ensure that there are no password or encryption check boxes selected in the Save-As prompt.
  7. Your file should now be saved in the chosen directory, without a password.


Should you experience difficulties or have any issues performing these steps, please submit a support request at . One of our certified specialists will be happy to assist.

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