Reporting Suspicious Emails Using Outlook Add-in

Using the Outlook Add-in

  1. The new Report Message Add-in will now be visible in the Outlook ribbon bar to begin using no matter what method of installation you chose above. (If the add-in is not visible, you may have to completely quit Outlook and open a new session for the add-in to load).

  2. Locate a SPAM message in your Inbox, highlight it, then click on the Report Message drop down option to select if it is Junk or a Phishing message.

  3. After the Junk or Phishing classification is chosen, you will see the message below indicating that the email is processing.

  4. Within a few seconds the email will be submitted and removed automatically from your Inbox.
  5. You may receive a notice with a definition of what Phishing email is and asking you if you "want to send a copy of this message to Microsoft to help the research and improvement of email protection technologies?" Click on Report to submit.
  6. To prevent the notice from appearing each time you submit a SPAM message, you can click the Report Message Add-in drop down option and select Options.
  7. Within the Options area, you can select to Automatically send reports that will prevent a prompt for each submission.

  8. Select Save to save the changes and exit.
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