How to Use Email Signatures in Outlook for Mac

This article assists users in creating and managing email signatures in Outlook for Mac. Multiple signatures can be created for one email account or can be created for multiple email accounts.


  1.  Select Outlook > Preferences. The Outlook Preferences window opens.


2.  Select Signatures. The Signatures dialog box opens.

Screenshot of Signatures category


3. Select + beneath the list of signatures. A new signature line appears in the signature name list.

Screenshot of Edit Signature


4.  Enter a name for the new signature and type the desired text of your signature under Signature.


5.  Select the options you want to use in the Choose Default Signature section. For example, to use this signature for all new messages you create, select the signature name in the New Messages list.

Default signature list


6.  Close the dialog box when you are finished.


Insert a Signature in an Email in Outlook for Mac

To use any signature you have set up in a message or change the signature used in Outlook for Mac:


  1.  Select the Message tab in the message title bar.


2.  Click Signature and select the signature you want to insert.

As an alternative to the message’s toolbar, select Draft > Signatures from the menu and then pick the signature you want.


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