How to Add a Printer to Your Mac

This article is to assist you in adding a printer to your Mac workstation.

To start, click on the  in the top left of your computer monitor followed by System Preferences.

Setting up printers in Mojave takes place in the Printers & Scanners Preference area, the same as macOS High Sierra:

System Preferences

Once you are in there you will see the Printers & Scanners window with nothing in it. Just click the “plus” symbol to see a list of available printers:

Printers List

Choose which printer to setup and click “Add”:

Printer Add

This will more than likely find the printer driver either on your Mac in Mojave or download it from Apple. It will install the printer:

Installed Printer

It is so easy to see the printers and their setup information because of Dark Mode.

After setting up my Canon Multifunction Series printer I setup my HP Officejet Pro:

Officejet Setup

This printer setup with no problems using AirPrint:

Officejet Setup Dark

Yes, printer setup in Mojave is pretty much the same as earlier Mac OS’s. I just wanted to give you a feel for what it is like in the new Mojave Dark Mode. I am liking Dark Mode more and more, I am curious what you think of it.

If you are still experiencing an issue adding a printer, please create a ticket with our helpdesk at


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